E. Bobby G. - "Giving You M.O.R.E." LP

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The debut release from E. Bobby G.
This is everything.

- 12" 180gm heavyweight black vinyl
- Holographic sticker on front jacket
- First pressing limited to 300 copies
- Pressed in and shipping from Melbourne, Australia

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Errol Green
Artwork by Bráulio Amado
Photography by Jamie Wdziekonski
Mastered by Joe Carra

A1. M.O.R.E.chestra
A2. Snake Man
A3. 192bpm
A4. Supermarket Sleuth
A5. Music Sounds Better w/u
A6. Just Being Me
B1. Emerald Emotion
B2. Talking 1
B3. Eternity (pt. 3)
B4. Talking 2
B5. Little Squeaker

"When I was young I had a nightmare about the organ I played back then - when I stopped touching the keys it kept playing louder, entered my left ear and grew so demonically loud that I woke in a cold sweat. I used to flash back to that whenever I would play an organ and it would terrify me.

Over the years we had parties, with all kinds of musical acts playing at our house in Thornbury. I would warm up the crowd with these organ jams, to get people inside for the first act. I thought I was wasting my life on that thing. People started to come early just to see the organ, so I worked on it. Eventually I got a prime time slot.

I realized that sometimes you have to chase your nightmares."

-E. Bobby G.

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